On more than one occasion, I have gone to pinterest to find an idea for something or even because I am bored. Everytime, I get stuck in an infinite loop of awesome. It is a DIYers wonderland and you can find almost anything there.

We actually went to find cute, healthy, halloween snacks to send in with the kids for their parties at school. I found a ton of ideas but because of unknown allergies in other students, we went with something simple.

[Aren't they cute?]

Pinterest has awesome ideas for nearly anything. You find everything from nursery room ideas, to hair styles, to even DIY projects for the home like patio flooring ideas. It’s amazing to see all the ideas that other people came up with and shared. Some of my favorite things to look at are recipes, hair and makeup styles, and tattoo ideas.

What do you love most about Pinterest?
Have you used any ideas from Pinterest for your own projects?

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  1. Stephen Battey
    Twitter: sbattey12

    I honestly don’t use Pinterest for much. I have a hard time justifying publicly displaying my bookmarks.

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