Hostgator’s End of the World Sale

HostGator - End of World Sale

Did you hear about some of the hot deals they have in case the world ends?

HostGator has a 50% off discount for all hosting packages. That way, you’ll have great hosting for your next big idea for, you know, when the world DOESN’T end.

You can also snag a .com domain for only $1.95. That’s $2 for a whole year!

If you are looking to start your own big new project, jump on these deals. You’ll be glad you did, tomorrow.

Hope your “last day on earth” is a good one!

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  1. Jazmyn
    Twitter: mrssugarpink

    Aww are you kidding me?! I just bought a domain yesterday too lmao. Darn it!! xD

    • Randi
      Twitter: randidotjpeg

      lol, believe me, it happens. A lot. Too bad that I don’t even have $2 in Paypal to get a domain if I wanted to. lol

  2. Carrie
    Twitter: lovebeingonline

    Host Gator does have some pretty good deals going on! I tried to get a hosting packing for cheap but it keep trying to charge me $15.00 instead =(

    So I just went with 1and1 and got a domain name for .99 cents and a hosting package for $10.47 for three months – that’s not bad. They’ll bill me $10.47 every three months =)

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

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