The Sims 3: University Life Announcement

This is long overdue but Finally. It’s here. I’ve been waiting for it’s announcement since 2009.

I was in love with only 2 EPs from Sims 2. If I had to choose (and I did) Sims 2 Pets and University were my must have expansion packs. I did have all of them at one point but from the second The Sims 3 was announced, I knew I needed those two. I’m so glad it’s coming!

On Tuesday, January 8th, they had a live broadcast that consisted of the announcement of both Sims 3 University Life (and SimCity). Sims 3 fans went crazy on Twitter, although I didn’t see it until late that night. I was so busy fussing over the Pokemon announcement that I completely missed what was going on over at EA.

So, here it is: The trailer for The Sims 3: University Life. :D

People are already up in arms over the fact that they are glorifying alcohol and partying. However, if anyone has played the sims, you know that all you can get out of a bar, is juice. I’m not surprised, really. Every time a new EP is announced people find something to complain about. When they released strollers for your babies in the game, people complained because newborns don’t sit up in strollers. If you are looking for realization, go out and have a life. In the meantime, enjoy whatever EA is willing to give you.

Are you excited for the new EP? Is there an EP you are waiting for?

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  1. cassie
    Twitter: cassiecardillio

    “If you are looking for realization, go out and have a life” hahahha EXACTLY! shut up and enjoy the game! PS love sims, dislike sims3 xbox.

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