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When they announced, late last year, that they would be doing a spin-off of Boy Meets World, I wasn’t the least bit excited. I knew immediately that they were going to screw it up, somehow. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall now walk you through how bad this is going to be.

Clearly, this show is directed at the next gen teeny-boppers of the world. First of all, it’s going to be on the Disney Channel. That’s one strike. While I can appreciate that they are  ”attempting” to introduce the children to a new world of television, it’s not going to happen like that. The star is going to have a singing career before the show premieres and knowing Disney, I’m willing to bet that she sings the opening. She’s going to be ruined personally and professionally, in just a few short years.

I understand fully that while this is a spin-off, it is supposed to be it’s OWN show. However, I thought the point of this would be to grab both younger and older audiences. By making it a Disney show, they might as well have made a new show. They aren’t going to work as hard and reap all the glory from the original BMW.

Many can appreciate the classic show, Boy Meets World. Most of us have seen it and most of us have enjoyed it. It was humorous and insightful. Who could ever forget the wise words of Mr. Feeny?


Personally, I don’t see how they could get Feeny to reprise his role and I doubt they would find someone remotely interesting enough to take over as the wise old man.

According to one source, Rider Strong (Shawn) has said that he had no intentions of reprising his role. I vaguely recall him saying that he hadn’t been contacted yet. Either way, no Shawn, no show. Simple as that. Shawn and Cory were the main characters. Without them, even as a B plot, the show is nothing. Same for “Uncle Eric” and Jack.Both duos are what makes the last few seasons my favorite.

To get down to the specifics, I am a HUGE fan of Boy Meets World. Seriously, it’s on repeat (along with a few other shows) 24/7 in my house. I’ve seen every episode more times than you can imagine. I know every word. I know every plot. Still, I can sit through the show and laugh and cry every damn time.

Riley? No, no, no, no. Many women have their children’s names picked out long before they have kids. Most of us can agree with this. During the honeymoon episode, Cory makes a joke about making babies. His name choice being Barbara (and a boy name. I can’t think of it right now). Topanga shuts him down with, “No, Stephen and Chloe.” Let’s also take into account the flash forward from the final season during which they return for Mr. Feeny’s retirement part, 7 years later. Cory and Topanga’s daughter was named Beverly Glen.

Now, obviously we can’t follow BMW to stick to the script. For instance, Shawn has a sister in the episode where Cory tried to flatten his velcro hair. She’s never seen or heard from again. Topanga also has a father named Jedidiah, a mother, Chloe, and a sister Nebula (“Nebbie) Stopthewar Lawrence. Nebbie is never seen or mentioned again. Jedidah was played by at least 3 characters and Chloe, later Rhiannon, was played by 2. Harley Kiner was 2 different characters, as well. Morgan, the most obvious character change, was played by 2 characters. However, since she went from Age 6-7 as one girl and a season later at age 8-9 for the next girl, they simply made a joke about Morgan being sent to her room for a really long time-out. Feeny also had a wife. Then she had died. Then he courts and marries Lilah Boulander and she’s forgotten so quickly that when Feeny mentions his wife, you get confused. But, I guess shows did that a lot to make sense of certain plots. So, I won’t fault them for that.


Above all else, I do have to admit they casted a good girl. She looks like both of them. She’d definitely be believable as their child.

However, Riley is to be their 13 year old daughter. Fine. Topanga was either pregnant in the last season/episode and didn’t know or got pregnant right after. It makes sense. The show ended in 2000. Now, they are “still casting” for Riley’s older brother, Elliot. Nope. Not possible. We would have seen her pregnant, unless he’s “older” by a minute or two.

I’m nitpicking, I know. I just love Boy Meets World so much that I think they are going to horribly disgrace it with this spin-off. I honestly am not expecting much from the show. I’m hoping they make it worthwhile for the kids but I don’t see them touching on real situations and issues like in the original.


Source: Gawker

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