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While working on a site for Andrew’s company, I stumbled upon what may be the most glorious plugin that WordPress has to-date.

First, let me explain that I had to move this site from my own server, under a sub directory of one of my own domains, to a server set up by the IT department at the company. Right before I finished the project, I was then told to use a different domain for the site. This would have required a lot of link changing in the DB and all over the site.

With a quick google search, I found Search & Replace. It does exactly what the title suggests. It allowed me to enter a word, phrase, or url and replace it with whatever I wanted. This fixed 99% of the broken links that existed after the initial move.

When I switched the primary domain, all I had to do was input the domain I wanted to search for and the domain I wanted to replace it with. It changed EVERYTHING. It is probably the easiest plugin I have ever used and it saved me HOURS of headaches.

Once installed, you can find it under Tools.

Search & Replace plugin #1

Search & Replace plugin #2

[Ignore the Linux fonts. My screen wasn't big enough to capture that box in one shot.]

The second sections allows you to search in separate areas of your site whereas the first will replace all instances of your search phrase.

I can NOT express how happy I was to find this pluging. It saved me hours and possibly days of work. It’s easy to use and works perfectly for changing domains.

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