Why SEO Is Important To Your Site

If you own a website, you may have heard the term, SEO in passing or maybe you are on top of your site’s SEO. The point is to make your website rank highly among related search terms or keywords. This of course does not count towards, ads. You will always rank lower than the ads listed at the very top and right sidebar of Google. For instance, if you’re website is geared towards selling keyboards, you would like to be high on the list, if not the very top of the “natural” or “organic” list, when people search something like “buying keyboards”. Why is this important? Think about it. Do you ever go to the next page on Google? Probably not. You’re more likely to retype your search terms to find what you are looking for. It’s actually quite rare that someone goes to the 2nd or even 3rd pages of Google. That’s why you need to be on page 1. This is where SEO becomes important. It’s been shown that around 20% of the clicks in Google go to the first organic search result. That’s where YOU want to be.

As an example, I wrote a review on my other blog a couple months back. (Sorry that it’s an adult product) My review (blue) ranks higher than the store (pink) I bought it from on Google. I manage my stats on that blog and this review is my most popular post on my blog. All you have to do is search for the name of the toy and BAM! My website is #4!


 Of course, in this case, I doubt I’ll ever be #1 because the company that actually sells it is #1. All I had to do was be sure to include these keywords in my post. SEO works!

How can you make SEO work for your website? The best way to explain this, and it might seem a bit cliche, is to make great content and add quality links. It’s very important to write good content that uses keywords for phrases that are related to your topic. Search engines scan through your content for these words. If you mention your “quality keyboards” in your posts, someone can easily find your website when searching for “quality keyboards”.

While it seems difficult, it’s really easy to understand once you start reading about it. A lot of companies try to make it seem more difficult to understand so that they can charge you for SEO Services. Do some reading of your own. Chances are, you don’t need those SEO Services. It’s very possible you are already on your way to a well SEO oriented website. If your website uses WordPress, these are SEO plugins available. I actually use Platinum SEO. As you can see above, it works well for me.


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    Very informative post!! I had no clue about this!! Thank you for sharing Randi!
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